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Note: Custom signs ordered after Monday, December 1st, will likely NOT arrive in time for Christmas. December 1st is the last day to order a custom sign if you want it to arrive on time as a gift.

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Return Policy


We offer the best service in the industry when shipping damage happens, or when warranty service is required.  Unlike our competitors, we cover the shipping for warranty work (provided you assist us with troubleshooting, supplying pictures, etc).


Why are we so strict with returns and refunds?

  • Neon signs are expensive to ship.  Because shippers charge for large boxes by "dimensional weight", signs typically cost $30 to $75 to ship one way...that's a total of $60 to $150 lost if we ship an item and it's returned.

  • The vast majority of returns are for issues out of the seller's control. 
    Returns are most often for reasons like:

    • tinted windows. Window tint blocks out the sign, from any seller, will shine through tint.  If it's a film, you can cut out that small portion in front of the sign.

    • unauthorized purchase.  "My business partner / spouse / etc, purchased this without my permission"

    • won't fit in the window.  We provide dimensions of the signs on the website, and are happy to answer detailed questions before you buy.

    • the sign arrived broken, and the buyer is in a rush.  We will absolutely repair (in some cases replace) signs that were damaged by the shipping company.  However, we will not usually offer a refund.  If a sign is needed for a time sensitive event, the buyer should be aware that shipping damage can occur, and plan accordingly.

  • Nobody wants someone else's used sign. Returned signs cannot be sold as new, and thus, would have to be sold at a fraction of the cost of a new sign.   Combined with the shipping costs, there's very little residual value in a return.

In short, returns and refunds are very costly and time consuming for large items that are shipped. Rather than inflate our prices to accomodate this, we keep our prices low by focusing our efforts on providing, and honoring, a real warranty.

What happens if there is shipping damage?

See our warranty page

What happens if something goes wrong with my sign during the warranty period?

See our warranty page

Are there any exceptions?

There are. We do, in some cases, accept returns and offer refunds. Typically, when the issue is our fault (not the shipper, or the customer), and something we could have done better.