Why Retailers Must Optimize for Tablet Sales Now!

tablet retail online sales

Consumers are becoming more and more internet savvy as the days go by. More than half of Americans own a smartphone and nearly as many will own a tablet computer in the near future. Your retail location can benefit from this trend by offering both online and offline sales, but only by optimizing your sales offerings for the table users most likely to buy from you online.

Tablets offer consumers an easy and convenient way to make purchases. No longer does one have to sit down at a desk and browse the internet while they are at home. People can now enjoy the convenience of shopping using their tablet computers as long as they have an internet connection to use.

Because the tablet user market is increasing on a daily basis retailers can no longer ignore them. Not having a website optimized for tablet computing will hurt profits and be detrimental to your business.

A Tablet is not a Smartphone

Retailers must first learn the difference between mobile shoppers and tablet shoppers. Just because you optimize your site for mobile users doesn’t mean it’s optimized for tablet users.

Those who use tablet computers are most likely performing another task at the same time. For instance, many consumers enjoy surfing the web and watching television at the same time. They will use their tablets to complete a purchase that they have already been thinking about for some time.

In order to take advantage of these final purchase thoughts, retailers must make the purchasing experience as simple as possible. Eliminate all unnecessary steps in order to get the customer to the checkout screen as soon as possible.

Help your Customers make the Purchase

Your customers want to purchase your product so help them in any way possible.

A good example is increasing the size of the buttons that you want customers to use. These include the “Add to Cart” button, “Continue to Checkout” button and “Finalize my Payment” button.

Making the buttons larger and easily accessible will help convert customers who are on the brink of making a purchase.

Increase In-Store Sales

For brick-and-mortar retailers, encouraging buyers to come and purchase their items at a physical location can be a daunting task.

Consider what many mainstream retailers do already: Offer customers an in-store pickup option. This can be a great way to get customers to buy more products after they have completed their purchase using their tablet computers.

The first step in the in-store pickup process is to encourage the customer to come into your store to pick up the product instead of waiting for home delivery. Enticing customers with a small discount on their items is a great way to achieve this.

Customers choosing this option can easily be informed that their items are ready for pickup via email. Use this email as a way of promoting other products that are on sale at your physical locations. Include coupons or discount codes with the email that customers can only use during a specified time frame.

Customers will be enticed by the “limited time only” discounts offered to them and will subsequently want to make another purchase when they arrive at the store.

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