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Note: Custom signs ordered after Monday, December 1st, will likely NOT arrive in time for Christmas. December 1st is the last day to order a custom sign if you want it to arrive on time as a gift.

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Neon Trivia
  • The gas inside a neon sign isn't always neon. Neon, used by itself, produces red or orange.  To make other colors, related inert gasses like  argon, xenon, or helium are needed.  Often, a small drop of mercury is added to increase the light intensity.  
  • Neon is present in less than 0.002 percent of our atmosphere.  However, despite that small percentage, neon is the fifth most common element in the universe.
  • Georges Claude is commonly recognized as the "father of neon". He was the first person to create glowing neon tubes in 1910. He was also the first to use bent glass tubes in a sign
  • The first neon sign ever sold in the United States was purchased by Earle C. Anthony.  He bought the sign in 1923, to use in a Packard car dealership.  He paid over $24,000 dollars for the sign.  That's close to $500,000 in today's dollars, once you adjust for inflation.
  • Neon is lighter than air, just like hydrogen or helium.
  • One gallon of compressed neon can fill more than 1000 linear feet of glass tubing
  • Neon is also leveraged in lasers.  It also used to be in the cathode ray tubes of older televisions.
Also see our history of neon timeline.

Affordable Neon Signs

Popular Categories

Open Signs


Your customers will know you are open for business when you put a real glass tube open sign in your front window. Prices start at $89.99 (includes shipping)


Man Cave


Spuce up your man cave with a real neon sign. Great for gamerooms too. They are also terrific gift ideas. Prices from $159.99. (includes shipping)


Custom Signs


Having trouble finding the right sign? Opt for a custom-made sign. We are the affordable custom neon experts. Low pricing starts at $189.99 + $7 per letter.

Business and Restaurant


These restaurant and business oriented signs attract new customers. Our signs are real, glass-tube neon, and complement your storefront. Try the search box below.

Enter a single word that best describes your business.(pizza, tailor, pawn shop...)


What Can Neon Do For Your Business?

Wondering why you should use neon signs in your business? Consider this:

  • The U.S. Small Business Administration has this to say: Signage is the most effective, yet least expensive, type of advertising for small businesses.
  • Neon draws attention 24/7. It promotes your business, even when you are closed.
  • Appearances matter. Buyers make their purchase decisions, in part, based on how professional your storefront looks.
  • A neon sign in your window reinforces your is, many times, the first impression for potential new customers.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau says that 1 of every 5 families moves to a new city... every year. This creates a need to constantly message potential new customers!
  • Our Neon signs are professionally designed, extremely bright, and draw attention in a way that traditional backlit signage never will.

Why Buy From

As part of the BrightSigns family, we are one of the few websites with a real, brick-and-mortar sign shop behind operation since 2008. Real people, with real expertise, answer our phones, and we offer quality products with a real 1 year warranty. In short:

  • We offer over 2000 different styles of neon signs, and custom signs to fit almost any need.
  • Our prices are affordable, and the first place.  Our prices include the shipping. Most other online sellers charge more than actual cost for shipping, or otherwise inflate their pricing.
  • Unlike many websites that sell signs, we are a real business, with a retail store and showroom located in Richland Hills, Texas. We aren't some fly-by-night reseller that might be gone tomorrow.
  • Our signs include an industry leading one year warranty that includes return shipping costs.
  • If you call or email, you'll be dealing with a real person, that knows neon..not a commissioned salesperson.

Small Business Signage Tips

How much business would you lose if a potential customer didn't know you're open? Your open sign is the most critical piece of secondary signage. In fact, if spend a bit more...for a larger size, that upgrade can likely pay for itself. A handy rule of thumb is to allocate one inch of letter height for every ten feet away a potential customer is.

Neon does more than just advertise your brand. You can also leverage it to highlight specific products or services. To increase sales for a specific product, choose an item with a higher margin, and place a sign advertising that in your front window. For example, if you own a restaurant, advertise your dish that makes you the most money.

We stock an extensive variety of signs for specific business types. However, we also sell custom neon...with your choice of sizes, typestyles, words, and colors. Often, a custom-made sign will attract more attention than a stock sign. There's no compromise in the messaging, as it says exactly what you want it to. That said, we highly recommend short "action oriented" phrases. Customers won't read a long sign...they react much better to breif, "call to action" messages,  like "25% OFF" or "CLEARANCE SALE". sells only neon, but as part of the BrightSigns family, we also sell other products, like LED displays and backlit signage. See for LED signage, and check out for other businesses in the BrightSigns family. We've been in business in 2008, and our primary goal is help small businesses leverage signage to produce more sales.